On Display from March-27th to April-03rd

  • Urbanisation in the Eastern Himalayas: emergence and issues by Karubaki Datta

  • Gender, livelihood and environment: how women manage resources edited by Sudhadra Mitra Channa and Mariln Porter

  • Lines in water: relious boundaries in South Asia edited by Eliza F. Kent and Tazim R. Kassam

  • A History of food in India: feasts and fasts by Colleen Taylor Sen

  • Bara by U.R. Ananthamurthy

  • Empire in the hills: Simla, Darjeeling, Ootacamund, and Mount Abu, 1820-1920 by Queeny Pradhan

  • Mammalogy 5th ed. by Terry A. Vaughan &

  • The Domestic dog: its evolution, behavior and interactions with people edited by James Serpell

  • The Socio-cultural context of water: study of a Gujarat village by Farhat Naz

  • Before memory autobiography by Fali S. Nariman

  • Bengaluru: ways forward: expert committee: BBMP restructuring June 2015 by B.S. Patil &

  • Not in my backyard: solid waste management in Indian cities by CSE

Previous Weeks

  • Invertebrate diversity and conservation in the western ghats, India edited by Priyadarsana, D.R. &

  • Grasses of Maharashtra by G.G.Potdar &

  • Birds of Banni grassland by Mukesh H. Koladiya &

  • Mutualistic interactions between flowering plants and animals edited by Palatty Allesh Sinu and KR Shivanna

  • Many Ramayanas: the diversity of a narrative tradition in South Asia edited by Paula Richman

  • Culture of encounters: Sanskrit at the mughal court by Audrey Truschke

  • State of India's environment report 2017 by Down to Earth

  • Wainganga: planning for water resource development by Vijay Paranjpye

  • Ideas institutions processes: essays in memory of Satish Saberwal edited by N.Jayaram

  • Seventeen contradictions and the end of capitalism by David Harvey

  • Making peace with the earth: beyond resource, land and food wars by Vandana Shiva

  • Spell of the tiger: the man eaters of Sundarbans by SY Montgomery

    • Reptile ecology and conservation: a handbook of techniques by C.Kenneth Dodd

    • The Genesis of values by Hans Joas

    • Justice, nature and the geography of difference by David Harvey

    • Flight ways: life and loss at the edge of extinction by Thom Van Dooren

    • Disappearing peasantries? rural labour in Africa, Asia and Latin America edited by Deborah Bryceson and

    • Making threats: biofears and environmental anxieties edited by Betsy Hartmann and

    • Songs of Cauvery by Kalyanraman Durgadas

    • The Age of globalization: anarchists and the anticolonial imagination by Benedict Anderson

    • Incarnations India in 50 lives by Sunil Khilnani

    • Modernity of slavery: struggles against caste inequality in colonial Kerala

    • The Langurs of Abu: female and male strategies of reproduction by Sarah Blaffer Hrdy

    • Descriptive taxonomy: the foundation of biodiversity research edited by Mark F. Watson and

    • Empire by Michael Hardt and Antonio Negri

    • Water: growing understanding, emerging perspectives edited by Mihir Shah and P.S.Vijayshankar

    • Tocqueville in India by Jean Alphonse Bernard

    • Landscape ecology in theory and practice: pattern and process by Monica G.Turner and Robert H.Gardner

    • Learning landscape ecology: a practical guide to concepts and techniques edited by Sarah E. Gergel and Monica G.Turner

    • Spiritual ecology: a quiet revolution by Leslie E. Sponsel

    • South Asia's modern history: thematic perspectives by Michael Mann

    • The Handicap principle: a missing piece of Darwin's puzzle by Amotz and Avishag Zahavi

    • Navigating social-ecological systems: building resilience for complexity and change edited by Fikret Berkes &

    • The Brahmaputra by Arup Kumar Dutta (Donated to library by Veen Srinivas)

    • Napali Diaspora in globalised era edited by Tanka B. Subba and A.C.Sinha

    • Law of the jungle: the $19 billion legal battle over oil in the rain forest and the lawyer who'd stop at nothing to win by Paul M. Barrett

    • The Cambridge introduction to postmodernism by Brian McHale

    • Going by the book: the problem of regualatory unreasonableness by Eugene Bardach and Robert A. Kagan

    • Hazards, vulnerability and environmental justice by Susan L. Cutter

    • Modernity and the holocaust by Zygmut Bauman

    • The End of millennium: the information age, economy, society and culture by Manuel Castells

    • Rethinking the power of maps by Denis Wood

    • The Story of Asia's elephants by Raman Sukumar

    • Liquid modernity by Zygmut Bauman

    • The Power of identity: the information ge, economy, society and culture by Manuel Castells

    • Limited wants, unlimited means: a reader on hunter-gatherer economics and the environment edited by John Gowdy

    • Love in South India: a cultural history edited by Francesca Orsini

    • Madhya Pradesh through the ages vol-1-4 edited by S.R.Bakshi and O.P.Ralhan

    • A Comparative ethnography of alternative spaces edited by Jens Dahl and Esther Fihl

    • Displaying time series, spatial, and space-time data with R by Oscar Perpinan Lamigueiro

    • Environment and politics by Timothy Doyle and

    • Our National river Ganga: lifeline of millions edited by Rashmi Sanghi

    • GIS for sustainable development edited by Michele Campagna

    • Sustainability: principles and practice by Margaret Robertson

    • Statistical hypothesis testing with SAS and R by Dirk Taeger and Sonja Kuhnt

    • Water security: principles, perspectives and practices edited by Bruce Lankford and

    • Recent trends in modelling of environmental contaminants edited by Debashish Sengupta

    • Concepts and values in biodiversity edited by Dirk Lanzerath and Minou Friele

    • Plant genes, genomes and genetics by Erich Grotewold and

    • Western primitivism: African ethnicity: a study in cultural relations by Aidan Campbell

    • Territory authority rights: from medieval to global assemblages by Saskia Sassen

    • A Companion to global environmental history edited by J.R.McNeill and Erin SM

    • Costing adaptation: preparing for climate change in India edited by Anil Markandya and Arabina Mishra

    • An Everyday geaography of the global south by Jonathan Rigg

    • Traces on the rhodian shore: nature and culture in western thought from ancient times to the end of the eighteenth century by Clarence J. Glacken

    • Nation first: essays in the politics of ancient Indian studies by Dilip K. Chakrabarti

    • Sociological constraints to industrial development in north east India by B. Datta Ray and Prabin Baishya

    • Environment population and human settlements of sundarban delta by Anuradha Banerjee

    • Driving climate change: cutting carbon from transportation by Daniel Sperling and James S. Cannon

    • Supreme court on forest conservation by Ritwick Dutta and Bhupender Yadav

    • Foundation of earth science by Frederick KL and Edward JT

    • Trial by fire by Neelam and Shekhar

    • The Ecology of others by Philippe Descola

    • The Magna carta manifesto: liberties and common for all by Peter Linebaugh

    • Beyond nature and culture by Philippe Descola

    • The Truthful art: data, charts, and maps for communication by Alberto Cairo

    • Liberalization's children: gender, youth, and consumer citizenship in globalizing India by Ritty A. Lukose

    • Unsimple truths: science, complexity and policy by Sandra D. Mitchell

    • India's look east policy and the northeast by Thongkholal Haokip

    • Displacement, revolution, and the new urban condition: theories and case studies by Ipsita Chatterjee

    • The End of the world as we know it: social science for the twenty-first century by Immanuel Wallerstein

    • The Genesis of values by Hans Joas

    • The Savage within: the social history of British anthropology, 1885-1945 by Henrika Kuklick

    • No One cries for the dead: Tamil dirges, rowdy songs and graveyard petetions by Isabelle CLark Deces

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