Library Working Hours

  1. The Library will be open on all days of the week except on Saturday, Sundays and on all the Institute's Holidays. Working hours of the library will be from 9.30 am to 5.30 pm on all working days.

A. Users and Their Privileges:

  1. The library is primarily intended for use by faculty and students of the Institute. The categories of members and their privileges are as follows:


Max. no. of books$ that could be borrowed

Faculty 10
Academic Members (PDF, RA's, SRF's, JRF) 4
Ph. D Students 5
Visitors (1 week+) and Associates* -
Summer Students* -
Institute Members other than Academic Members 4
ILL libraries -

  1. *: books may be borrowed through the faculty to whom they are allotted
  2. $ Electronic sources such as CD-ROM, Floppies and AV Materials-- available with the Librarian can also be issued. However, few books such as text books, encyclopedias, dictionaries, floras, manuals, handbooks and current journals will not be issued. Only back volumes of journals will be issued only to the academic members for a week.
  3. All the transactions are entered in the Koha Software. Users can reserve books and get such information, as to whom a book is issued and when it is due.

B. Acceptable User Policies:

Library Member Cards are not Transferable.

  1. No reading material can be taken out from the library without issuing them out. The librarian will duly record the issue/return of the reading materials. Members are responsible for the books and other materials issued in their names. Books, when required should be returned within two days.
  2. The borrower will have to replace if available or pay the costs of the books (cost of the book at the time of purchase multiplied by the current GOC exchange rates) for the books that are damaged/lost during the loan period.

C. Reservation:

  1. Books, on loan, or on display at the new arrivals shelf, can be reserved by filling out reservation form provided in the Koha. Reservations by more than one person for the same book will be done according to priority. Reserved books are kept separately in the issue counter for two days for each member. The reservation lapses automatically after two days, and the next person on the list of reservations, gets priority.

D. Renewals

  1. Books and other materials are renewable, provided there is no demand for the material by other members. The renewal cannot be done if the book has been reserved.Books and other materials have to be produced at the time of renewal.

E. Issue of Periodicals

  1. Current issues of the journals are not issued out. Bound volumes of periodicals are issued only for a period of one week. However, the old issues (older than 2 months) of popular magazines will be issued for over night. The magazines will be issued only after submission of their ID card and will be issued after 4PM and have to be returned before 10AM the next day.

F. Text Books and Reference Books:

  1. Text books, recommended by faculty for the particular courses and reference books (encyclopedias, dictionaries, floras, manuals, handbooks etc), are available only for consulting within the library.

G. Maps:

  1. Maps can be checked only from the library. Since most of the maps are either rare or fragile, the maps will not be issued. However, they can be borrowed for a day to get them photocopied/scanned after depositing the identity card.
  2. General instructions for handling the maps

  3. Since the maps are delicate, they are to be handled with utmost care
  4. No pins are to be put on the maps while studying them.
  5. When the maps are issued for photocopying/ scanning, there are not to be taken to the field
  6. If the maps are issued rolled in a tube, there are not to be folded.

H. Duration and Overdue Materials

  1. The books will be issued for a period of 20 days only. For the first two times, the borrowers can renew the books over E-mail/ SMS (provided there is no demand from others for the same book). For the third renewal, borrowers should physically get the book and get them renewed. If there is a demand for the same book from other members the books will not be renewed the third time. The borrowers with overdue materials will not be notified after the due date. If materials are not returned, the borrower will have to pay a fine.

The following are the fine charges

  1. Day 1-15: 1 Rupees each day
  2. Day 16-30: 15+2 Rupees each day
  3. Day 31 onwards: 45+5 Rupees each day

Borrowing privileges may be suspended for two years for persons who do not comply with the library policies and who are repeat offenders.

Further, the fines will be laid on any person who

  1. Removes or attempts to remove any library materials from the premises of a library facility without entering in the register; or
  2. Mutilates, destroys, alters or otherwise damages, in whole or in part, any library materials; or
  3. Fails to return any library materials which have been lent to said person by the library facility, within seven days after demand has been made for the return of the materials.
  4. Scribbling or writing/underlining on the books will also attract fine

These fines will be decided by the Library committee

  1. Fines collected (Overdues/damages/Books lost etc) by the accounts will be made available as library budget

I. Lost Materials

Any materials lost or damaged beyond repair must be paid for at replacement cost as decided by the committee. If no cover price is available, the library committee will decide the cost of the book. If the borrower notifies the loss of the book within the due date, no fine will be levied and only the cost of the book will be charged. However, if the borrower notifies the loss of the book after the due date, he/she would have to pay all the dues in addition to the cost of the cost as decided by the library committee.

If a book belonging to a set is lost, the borrower will replace the same. If the lost book is not available, then the entire set will have to be replaced at the borrower's own cost or pay the cost of replacing the set.

However, if lost materials are found and returned in good condition within six months, a refund will be given.

J. Internet Policy

By using the ATREE systems at the Library, you agree to the following guidelines:

  1. Computer systems usage is limited to 60 minutes per day per person. However, the users can continue to use the system if there are no other users. A valid library card is required to access the library computers.
  2. Providing passwords for online access to journals are strictly to the academic staff. For others, the librarian can be requested and he will open the site and make available the online access.
  3. It is not possible for the library staff to control specific information that may be located on the Internet.
  4. Users may not copy or distribute electronic materials without the explicit permission of the copyright holder. Any responsibility for any consequences of copyright infringement lies with the user; the library expressly disclaims any liability or responsibility resulting from such use.
  5. The ATREE Library staff will be available to assist you only very briefly in the use of the Internet.
  6. Use of systems of the library for chat rooms/ assessing mails and other unauthorized sites is strictly not permitted.
  7. Users will not be permitted to access material that may be considered offensive to other patrons or to the library staff.
  8. Persons using these library systems agree not to make any changes to setup or configuration or the software or hardware of the system.
  9. The library assumes no responsibility of the saved materials in the desktop or any other folders in the library systems. Users are advised not to save any information in the ATREE systems.
  10. Misuse or abuse of this computer or Internet access will result in suspension of Internet access privileges

K. Project Books

Books brought from the project grants with effect from April 1st 2014 can be retained with the concerned PI till his/her term in this institute. However, PI's are requested to deposit their books to the library after their term in the institute.

However, books brought from student grants (IFS, DST fast track etc) will not come under this preview.

L. Dissertations

All the Ph.D students have to deposit one hard copy and one soft copy (in CD) of their Ph. D thesis to the library. These will be not displayed in the racks for 2 years and after a period of two years will be placed on the shelves.

M. Project Reports/ Books and Other ATREE Publications

The faculties are requested to deposit one copy of their project reports (hard bound and not spiral bound) to the library. Based on the individual faculty's request, the report will be put on the racks immediately or will be withheld until the publications are made.

The faculties are requested to deposit two or more copies of the books published by them to the library. All ATREE publications will be available in the library.

General Rules and Regulations of the Library:

A. Admissions to the Library:

  1. All members are required to deposit their personal belonging at the property counter at their risk. The library is not responsible for any loss or damage to the same. Taking a bag inside the library is strictly forbidden.
  2. Entry to outside academic and research visitors and walk in users is allowed only on the production of their valid affiliation to any academic institution.
  3. Entry to visitors from corporate houses and profit making institutions is restricted and the librarian will use his discretion after a written request is made by them.

B. Care of Library Materials:

  1. Library resources such as books, journals, and electronic materials, etc. are costly and are often rare. They are for the benefit of not only the present but also for the future members of the library. Therefore, one should not write upon, damage, turn down the leaves or mark on any library materials.
  2. Tracing or copying of any is prohibited by copyright policy and users shall be solely responsible for any violations.
  3. Before leaving the issue counter, member should satisfy himself or herself as to whether the library material lent to them is in sound condition. If not , they should immediately bring the matter to the knowledge of the library staff at the issue counter, otherwise, they are liable to be held responsible for replacing the material or paying such compensation as calculated by the library.

C. Clearance Certificate:

  1. All those who leave the institute must surrender all the materials that they borrowed to the library, and obtain a ' Clearance" certificate from the librarian, in order to ensure that they owe no dues to the library.
  2. All the students are required to surrender all the books that have borrowed or taken on loan before the final submission of their thesis.

D. Donation to the Library:

  1. The library accepts donation of manuscripts, books, periodicals, special publications, audiovisual materials, electronic materials etc, from individuals and institutions. Requests for such donations may be made to the librarian. The decision of whether the offer is being accepted or rejected is communicated directly by librarian to potential donors in due course of time.
  2. All gift items must meet the criteria of the library's selection policy. Donated books and equipment become library property and are subject to this policy.
  3. Further, the gifted items to the ATREE library will have the ATREE logo as well as the logo/name of the gifted.
  4. Once the books are gifted to the library, they cannot be taken back.

E. ATREE Publications:

  1. ATREE has a system of archiving its publication of research articles, book reviews, book chapters, technical notes, reports, theses and dissertations for future use. This repository has been initiated and maintained by the ATREE library. To enhance the collection of this Institutional Repository (IR), a copy of every publication which has an ATREE affiliation is advised to be sent to the librarian.

F. Other Services:

  1. ATREE library offers space for individuals and organizations who would like to loan their collections to ATREE for a limited period of time. The general ATREE library policies will apply for such collections and the loaning party will be required to enter into a MoU with ATREE.

G. Other General Instructions:

  1. Smoking is not allowed inside the library.
  2. No refreshments may be brought into the library.
  3. The library is not a meeting place. Silence must be observed at all times in the library. Please retrain discussions within the library.
  4. Suggestions for purchasing books and other materials and improving the library services are welcome.
  5. Readers should not replace any materials on the shelves, but are requested to leave them on the reading table after use. The electronic materials should be given back to the Library staff at the counter.
  6. Carrying a weapon into the library is prohibited unless authorized by law.
  7. Bringing in animals into the library is strictly prohibited.
  8. Backpacks or large bags may be searched for security reasons if the library staff feels it necessary.

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